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Success comes from heartfelt desire

Undoubtedly, many elements must be present for all of us to experience true success. Not everyone has the tenacity, resilience and drive to turn their desire into consistent action and, in turn, the realisation of the dream.  A deep-seated desire is the one 'must have' required to achieve success. If you look at the most successful, this desire is clear to see and is based on a need to help others; our only purpose in business is to create something that will help others, and our role is to serve.

"It would be best if you had a cause you believe in. A cause that sits at the very centre of your being. To not have this is to accept average as a destiny."

Success is never a solo journey; there is immense power and opportunity in surrounding yourself with the right people and immersing yourself in an environment of support and constant learning. 

That, in essence, is what the Rainmakers Club is all about and above all else, I wish you all the best for your venture and hope you will join our community...

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we Are...

Start-Ups, Micro Businesses, Small Businesses, Business Owners, Directors & Managers... 

We all share big dreams, a passion for business and a desire to keep on learning, we are the next generation of superstars...

We are...
Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Specialists, Entrepreneurs & 
Enterprising People...

We are...
Serious about business and personal development, we aim to create exceptional and sustainable results, we want to build businesses that work for us rather than us working for the business all of the time. We want to change the world, our world!

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does this sound like you?

"I know i need more help, more advice, alternate views, but who should I trust, and where can I go to get this support when I need it most ?"

  • ​I need to know more about the areas of business that are not my specialisation...
  • ​I need reliable outside help that will be there when I need it most and has the desire to help me... 
  • ​I need to get this advice and support without causing financial strain...

"If this resonates with you, I am describing my early years in business. My problem was that no suitable solution ticked all these boxes and more. So I did what any entrepreneur would do; I invented a solution that would fit perfectly..." 

Chris Batten -Founder & CEO

Our value ladder at a glance

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we are proud to play our part in their success and celebrate each one as if it were ours...

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Danielle Durkan -  Macánta Interiors

Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining rainmakers was where would I be if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris helps me see things in a different way and helps me realise that the things I have be putting off for years can be done by breaking them up into manageable chunks and that there are ways around most challenges.His honesty is refreshing and motivating. He has a genuinely nice approach and is very generous with his time. Chris has made me hopeful for the future of my business.I would highly recommend working with Chris and joining rainmakers.

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Nik Aspden - Altitude Select

However good you think support from the right people can be in business you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. Chris understands so many business models and exactly how to start, run and market your business including increasing profitability and life values of customers or clients. He can take any business to the next level and working closely with Chris we have seen him take companies above and beyond the owners expectations. He has worked with us for some time and we have experienced growth and direction changes that we never could have envisaged.
A true, honest and sincere expert in the business world.

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Sharon Wray - Sharon Wray Accountancy Services 

I joined Rainmakers two years ago and I can honestly say it has been a gamechanger for my business. The support and advice from Chris has guided me through the rocky road of being an business owner. I truly believe that the growth and success of my business is down to The Rainmakers Club. The Rainmakers Connect and Mastermind meetings are great, I meet other business owners going through the same trials and tribulations through their business journeys and we support each other. I Really cannot recommend The Rainmakers Club highly enough!!!

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David Jefferies - Adastral Consulting

I recently purchased the 7C's of Why. I have read many books about business development. This one is different; it is easy to understand and action and with the support of membership is a truly valuable tool to have at your fingertips all the time.

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John Stanton - Map Your Process

As soon as I read the 7C's of Why book, I knew this was something special. It serves as an inspiration and will guide and motivate you to create something of worth for yourself and those around you. Membership is incredible value for money.

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Steve Whiteside - UK Power Direct

When I started UK Power Direct Ltd, back in 2014, it was a way of getting out of a full-time job in Education. I had fallen out of love with teaching, it has stopped aligning with my values, I just didn’t have the fight anymore with squaring those circles. It was only when I met Chris Batten of The Rainmakers Club that things started to make sense; the trilogy of Learn, Share, Develop fitted like my favourite golf glove. He didn’t judge my efforts, he talked through with me and help nurture my mission, vision, and values. He took me away from the How? And What? I was doing, to the most important question: Why? I can ask a question about my business and I know I’ll receive an answer that will help move me forward. That’s a powerful place to be in business. Always supported; Never alone. I would recommend that any business owner, who is serious about their business, to have a chat with Chris, to have a look at the website, to talk to other Rainmakers. I’m glad I did.

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Liz Smith - The Guru Co

This is a must-have service and community. Membership includes pretty much everything you need to give you the knowledge and support you need to make your business a success.

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Simon Hiscox - Google Ads Specialist

I can't recommend the rainmakers club highly enough. It has helped my business a great deal over the last couple of years.


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"This headline gets attention"

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